Baron Blakeslee Vapor Degreaser Model: MLR-216E Vapor Degreaser


Baron Blakeslee Vapor Degreaser Model: MLR-216E Vapor Degreaser



SOLD -- Baron Blakeslee Vapor Degreaser - This unit has been SOLD

Model: MLR-216LE

Inside Tank Dimensions: 18" L x 12" W x 12" H (Height Free Board: 21", Height Vapor Zone: 12"

Overall Dimensions: 54" Front to Back x 45" Left to Right x 53" H

Solvent Capacity in Gallons: Boil Tank: 18 Gal., Rinse Tank: 13 Gal., Spray Tank: 3 Gallons

Load Capacity: 300 (lbs. Stl/Hr Solvent)

Distllation Rate: 10 GPH/nPB

Distllation Rate: 11.6 GPH/73DE

Primary Refrigerant Unit (HP) (R-134a): 2

Vapor Trap Refrigerant Unit (HP) (R-404a): 1/2

Electric Heater: 4.5 KW

Electrics: 230

Shipping Weight:

Includes Gantry Basket Hoist Unit

Model: SMH-10-216 Hoist

Capacity of Basket: 10 lbs.

Basket Size: 12" L x 9" W x 4" D

This hoist is an optional add on to the MLR-216LE unit

Includes: Microprocessor Control, Programmable Dwell Times, Immerision Cycle, Single Motion Lift

All Specifications subject to verification


ManufacturerBaron Blakeslee Vapor Degreaser Model:
ModelMLR-216E Vapor Degreaser
Stock Number0307123