2011 MecWash Systems, LTD. Parts Washer Model: AVD 300

2011 MecWash Systems, LTD. Parts Washer Model: AVD 300

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MecWash Parts Washer

Mfg: MecWash Systems, LTD

Model: AVD 300

YOM: 2011

The AVD 300 is a new compact version of the proven MWX400 & Maxi component cleaning systems. Very high quality cleaning and drying of precision engineering components. High temperature variant (cleaning at over 100°C) for really tough contaminants.

The MecWash AVD 300 is a compact aqueous parts washer that cleans and dries complex, intricate machined or stamped parts that require high cleanliness standards

Includes Aqua-Save system continuously recovers and re-uses the wash water in parts cleaning systems so the need for disposal is significantly reduced. Water quality is maintained throughout production ensuring that parts exit the system in a clean condition, without contamination with oily residues.

Includes Steel Baskets for use in washer.


ManufacturerMecWash Systems, LTD.
ModelAVD 300
Stock Number0307684