3000-Watt Prima Rapido 3D Laser Cutting System

3000-Watt Prima Rapido 3D Laser Cutting System

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3000-Watt Prima Rapido 3D Laser Cutting System

Mfg: Prima

Model: Rapido

Year of Mfg: 2012, 2013 & 2014 -- 3 Units available

Linear axes strokes

X axis: 4080 mm

Y axis: 1530 mm

Linear Z axis

4080 mm

1530 mm

765 mm

Rotating axes strokes

A axis

B axis

360° continuous (without limits)

+/- 135° with respect to the vertical

Adaptive axes strokes

C axis +/- 10 mm

Performance characteristics

Maximum velocity of linear axes X, Y, Z

Maximum combined velocity of the linear axes

100 m/min

175 m/min

Maximum velocity of rotating axes A, B 540°/s

Rotating axes A, B acceleration 60 rad / sec2

Linear axes resolution 0.001 mm

Pa* (axes X, Y and Z)

Ps* (axes X, Y and Z)

0.03 mm

0.03 mm

Pa* (axes A and B)

Ps* (axes A and B) 0.005° (with Software compensation)

Length (L1) excluding the numerical control 6900 mm

Length (L2) including the numerical control 7210 mm

Width (W) 5620 mm

Height (H) 3750 mm

Weight of machine base + laser 15000 Kg

Total of 3 Units available, also 2 disassembled units available as well



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