2009 Trumpf Trulaser Tube 7000, 3600-Watt Tube Laser


2009 Trumpf Trulaser Tube 7000, 3600-Watt Tube Laser



3600-Watt Trumpf TruLaser 7000 Tube Laser

Model: TRUMPF 7000

YOM: (2009)

Wattage: 3600 WATT

Working Range

X-Axis: 6500mm, Y-Axis: 320mm, Z-Axis: 230mm, A1-Axis: n x 360mm, A2-Axis: n x 360mm

Tube Dimensions:

Max Raw Material Length: 6500mm, Min Raw Material Length: 6500mm

Max. Outside Diameter: 200mm, Max. Outside Diameter: 15mm

Max. Length of Finished Part: 3000mm

Min. Length of Remainder Tube: 120mm

Max. Material Thickness: 8mm

Tube Bundle

Max. Tube Bundle Cross-Section: 600 x 600 mm x mm

Max Tube Bundle Weight: (finished part) 25 Kg


X-Axis: 100mm/min, Y-Axis: 60mm/min, Z-Axis: 60mm/min, A Axis:150 rpm

Lens Cutting Head (Focal Length): 155 mm

Control: Seimens Sinumerik 840 S sl

Max Material Thickness in mm: Mild Steel: 8mm, Stainless Steel: 8mm, Aluminum: 5mm,

Machine on Hours: 32,835

Beam on Hours: 6,749

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ModelTrulaser Tube 7000, 3600-Watt Tube Laser
Stock Number0307356