2014 Struers Axitom Auomatic Cut-Off Saw


2014 Struers Axitom Auomatic Cut-Off Saw

Toledo, OH


Struers Axitom Auomatic Cut-Off Saw

Mfg: Struers

Model: Axitom-5

Type: 54810196

YOM: 2014

Total Operation Hours: 3,110

Cutting Specifications:

Workpiece Dimensions: 7.9" H x 25.6" W x 17.3" D (Workpiece protruding cutting chamber: 4.7" H x 6.7" D)

Max. Workpiece Diameter: 4.9"

Cut-off Wheel: 14" D x 0.12" Thickness x 1.26" Center-Hole

Rotational Speed: 1950 RPM

Positioning Range: (off cut-off wheel) 0-300 mm

Max. Height of Sample underneath Cut-off Wheel: 200mm

Max. Positioning Speed: 500mm/sec

Feed Range: 0.05-5mm/s / 0.002-0.2"/s

Cutting Force: 10-150 LBF

Cutting Table: 23.3 W x 19.4" D

T-Slots: 12mm

Electrics: 460-480 V, 3 Phase, 60Hz

Equipped with: Multiple Cutting Programs, User Friendly Controls & Joystick, Automatic Washing, Large Graphical Display Unit, Cooli-1 Coolant tank (Type 0576116)

Overall Dimensions: 5'-9" H x 3'-9" W x 4'-4" D - Weight: 1670 lbs.

Electrics: 440-480V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase

All Specifications Subject to Verification


ModelAxitom Auomatic Cut-Off Saw
Stock Number0307313