Auctions & Liquidations

Turn Your Industrial Assets into Cash, With an Auction!

Whether you need to liquidate an entire business, downsize operations, or sell under-utilized assets, Machinery Unlimited Auctioneers can put a national/international network of potential buyers within reach.

Machinery Unlimited offers a proven and reliable way to turn your assets into cash. From small, family-owned operations to large companies, we have successfully served customers across North America. Below are the mechanics of the typical auction process. 

Auction contracts

Machinery Unlimited offers several contract options, with varying degrees of risk and reward. It is important to understand your company’s options to decide what is right for your situation. Some of the most popular contract options are:


A traditional arrangement where you or the buyers pay a commission. The sale expenses are deducted from the proceeds.

Cash purchase:

Machinery Unlimited Auctioneers assumes all risks of the sale.

We evaluate your assets and pay you a negotiated amount before the sale.

Private negotiated sale:

We can conduct a privately negotiated sale either with or without time-specific deadlines. Machinery Unlimited manages all aspects of the auction and acts as the agent between buyer and seller, allowing both parties to agree on a price.

Product lines and Intangible Assets:

We can sell your entire manufacturing and/or service business at auction, including all intangible assets, such as brand names; tooling, designs; websites; phone numbers; and customer lists. The business or business assets can be sold in the configuration deemed most desirable by owner and auctioneer.

Information for Prospective Sellers

  • Generally, the entire auction process will take between 6-10 weeks. (From asset lotting to final clean-up) 
  • The seller must provide clear title to the assets being sold, access to the assets being sold, access to the property is generally 60-90 days, with all utilities in place until property is vacated.
  • No Up-Front Costs to Seller: all set-up and advertising expenses are included in the auction expense allowance. Machinery Unlimited pays all expenses through the sale until settlement. 
  • Live auctions take place as scheduled, regardless of weather conditions or various competing auctions. 

Marketing & Advertising 

The success of any auction is determined by our ability to reach potential bidders. Our approach to marketing ensures the best possible return, regardless of asset type or market conditions.

  • Your auction sale will be marketed to the entire world. Auction participation by prospective bidders will be much greater with our On-Line Bidding platforms. After pre-qualification and registration, buyers worldwide can bid on your auction, in real time.
  • Email Marketing: Our auctions are promoted using strategically timed email “blasts,” typically timed to arrive one week prior to the auction. A second “reminder blast” is distributed the day prior to the sale. The email addresses used to promote each auction are from both in-house email lists and SIC-specific email lists. This is an extremely cost-effective and targeted approach, proven to attract buyers.
  • Social Media: Each auction is featured on our Facebook Event listings and two to three posts are scheduled throughout the auction period leading up to the day the auction closes.


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